Young Women Rising believes that giving back to the community, like through a service project such as this, is an important component of being a leader.

When many of us think about giving donations and goods to our local organizations that assist families, the first items that come to mind are things like clothes, shoes and food. Many of us don’t think about the other items that people with periods are in need of on a daily basis. Homeless people with periods live with constant anxiety and fear around receiving their menstrual cycle because they can’t afford feminine hygiene products. That’s why feminine hygiene products and other toiletries are usually at the top of the list for need in homeless shelters and safe houses.

Unfortunately, our society doesn’t like talking about periods because there is still a sense of shame and embarrassment about menstruation. We encourage you to think outside of the box and give to Young Women Rising’s #ProjectPeriod, a campaign focused on raising awareness and gathering supplies for people currently living in shelters and safe houses who lack the necessary resources to obtain these items.

**NEW: We put together a new #ProjectPeriod Toolkit so you can run your own feminine hygiene donation drive in your community/school. Click here to download it and feel free to make this your own!**

How to Donate:

As far as making a donation yourself, you can easily purchase items off our Amazon.com wishlist (whatever you purchase will be sent directly to us to distribute).  If you’d prefer to drop off your donations in person you can do so at any of the following locations:

Drop Off Locations:

Commission on Women, Children and Seniors
18-20 Trinity Street
Hartford, CT 06106
(Note: at the security desk please ask for CWCS)

Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Fund
One Hartford Square West, Suite 1-300
Hartford, CT 06106

We also maintain an online list of where we drop off donations we receive. You are welcome to drop off donations directly to any of the locations listed here.

*Please note that we cannot accept checks. Product donations are strongly encouraged.*


Sanitary Pads


Hand Sanitizer

Panty Liners

Feminine Hygiene Wipes

(click here to purchase these items off our Amazon wish list)


Download our flyers and hang them in your community:

Helping Women and Girls. Period.

More Pads for Homeless Women on Their Periods

The Homeless Period