Professional Development

We think that one of the most important tools we can give young women ages 18-35 are some tips and resources for professional development. Below you’ll find a variety of topics and links that will help you advance in your career. We connect you with the experts so that you can find the best advice out there.

Resume Writing:

“Your resume is simply your written snapshot—a word picture of the unique combination of skills and qualities you offer an employer. Employers screen resumes in between 2.5 and 10 seconds, so your resume should quickly capture the reader’s interest. There is an art to resume writing. When learned, it can open doors to unlimited career opportunities. Since your resume is your representative, make certain it is a good one by learning and applying the principles of first-class resume writing.” –Tulane University


Interviewing Skills:

So your resume landed you an interview for a job you really want, congrats! Next, you’re on to the interview. Check out the resources below for some great tips about interviewing:

Salary Negotiation:

It’s important to arm yourself with knowledge about how to negotiate your salary, especially your starting salary. More women than men don’t do this, leaving women at even more of an economic disadvantage. The best resource to learn more about this topic is The Wage Project. They offer $tart $mart workshops for women to teach you exactly how to negotiate.


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