Women, You Inspire Me.

By Ronae Mason-Craig, YWR Steering Committee Member

“Watching women achieve their dreams is the thing that keeps me inspired.” –Mary Kay Ash

I woke up this morning & I knew exactly what I was going to write about for this blog after MONTHS of being unsure of where to begin. I was encouraged by the women I know, & the lives that they live. I was inspired by their successes, their mistakes & their triumphant attitudes to carry on.

Growing up in a home full of women & very few men, I witnessed women striving to be better for themselves & their children every day. I did not realize then how much of an impact these daily sacrifices from my mother, aunt, & grandmothers would have on my life today.  I watched them go to work every day, whether they wanted to be home spending time with their children or not. The bills had to be paid & they were determined to do right by their offspring; they would not give up on their kids & their dreams. These caring hearts never gave up on me, stopped believing in me, or left me to fight alone. They have inspired me without many words, but simply with actions, to push forward & that is why I can write these words today.

Now that I am older, I see the beauty in women sacrificing our own wants for the sake of each other’s needs. We need to show our daughters & young girls that dreams do come true when you put the effort in & never give up.  We need to show our daughters & young girls that by lifting each other up, we will only make our homes, cities & this world a greater place. I am deeply moved by the efforts of the women in my life, community & all over the world to help others. I am inspired daily by the women achieving their dreams & goals despite the obstacles that come against them. Women make their dreams come true when they lend a helping hand, give with an open heart & love those that come into our path.


I’ve never read anything or heard anyone say, “Life is simple, life is fair, & life won’t hurt.” It’s actually the complete opposite. Life can get complicated, life isn’t always fair & life will most definitely hurt sometimes, however, it does not have to stay that way forever. We can make life simple by being grateful for what we have & all that we’ve accomplished to date. We can deal with moments of unfairness by refusing to become a victim to the world’s ways that may tear us down. We can use our power within to be the fair change we want to see in others. We can make life hurt a little less by being prepared for these potentially hurtful roadblocks. Being prepared is our greatest tool for getting the job done! We know that things will come our way that make us stumble, but what we allow to hurt us for a lifetime is in our control.

I am a survivor, not a victim. Being around other women who have this same mentality has helped in more ways than I could have every imagined. I am inspired by women achieving their dreams most because it shows me that no matter what comes my way, if I believe I can conquer & achieve, then that is exactly what will happen. I am inspired by women achieving their dreams because it keeps me hopeful for greater days. When a woman is walking in her purpose & knows who she is, she becomes such a powerful force that will in fact, change lives. I am inspired by the women who preservers & deals with adversity with grace & bravery.

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