Red and Green ARE Christmas Colors

By Jillian Gilchrest, Age 33

I’m just so confused. Aren’t red and green Christmas colors? They certainly have been for my entire life. Apparently, some folks are upset that Starbucks used a plain red cup this Holiday season, instead of what, I’m not sure?! For those who aren’t aware, Starbucks cups are white and their logo is green, so voila, when you make the cup red, you have Christmas colors.

Why is this even an issue? Starbucks is a coffee chain and their cup is, well, a cup. If you actually enter a Starbucks, which I have in the last week, Christmas cheer is everywhere from the decorations to the advent calendar that they are selling this year (it’s more than $40 and looks like a box of ornaments—hard to miss). But more importantly, isn’t the point of Christmas to celebrate life and express gratitude…not to bitch and complain about a cup.

There are a million and one other things that need attention and should take priority over arguing about Starbucks not being Christmassy enough. Like why the $%&* is the reindeer on Dunkin Donuts’ seasonal coffee blue!?! No, for real, maybe we could focus on having real conversations about institutional racism, or rape culture and the epidemic of sexual violence, or the reasons behind the pay gap.


This holiday season, whether it’s Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanza or Happy New Year, the sentiment behind the words is all the same…well wishes and happiness. I’m going to try to remember that as I sip my venti 5 shot Americano with one pump of hazelnut.

Young Women Rising encourages Connecticut women ages 18-35 to raise their voices about issues they care about. Each writer speaks for herself as an individual and Young Women Rising as a whole does not intend to endorse the views of any particular writer. If you’re interested in submitting a guest piece please contact us at

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